Marketing a Construction Business In The Digital World

06 Apr 2017 - Posted by Julie Stewart Posted In : Business Development,


The dilemma for the small business owner in today’s world of digital communications and marketing is learning to navigate that world yourself, or finding an affordable solution that can do it for you.

A website is just the beginning when it comes to digital marketing. Most likely your business already has a website, and hopefully a competent webmaster who keeps it refreshed and updated. (Maybe that’s you, maybe not.)  But attracting visitors and convincing them to take the next action and talk to you, then ultimately buy from you, is where the rubber meets the road. Marketing a construction business is similar to other kinds of digital marketing, but now it enjoys an exclusive database specially optimized just for those in the construction industry.

One of the advantages of ConstructionCrowd is that, unlike most small businesses in other industries, you get to advertise your services on a specialized directory with a relatively narrow – yet extremely important – target customer base. Since it was founded by a construction industry pro who’d successfully built his own business pre-digital age, the logic of CC’s directory is organized the way a business peer who’s looking for your products and services would most likely do their own search queries.

That’s the keyword system – the basic foundation of what’s now become a whole industry of its own: Search Engine Optimization, aka SEO.

In marketing a construction business, Keywords are King

One similarity between the ConstructedCrowd search engine and the standard Google search you might use to look for, say, hardwood suppliers or electrical contractors is that it is based on the keyword system, allowing you to enter precisely the most valuable offering of your business, in a single word or phrase.

As you create your listing, we’ll ask you a series of drill-down questions concerning your business in order to complete your profile. Basic (free) listings offer you a single keyword. If you have multiple lines of business or want to emphasize different things, you have upgraded premium options that offer you up to 10 keywords. Any searches within our directory with those suggested keywords will turn you up among the top results, the closer you match.

Saving you time (when time is money)

I mentioned before about the importance of the narrow target customer base. Your peers in the construction industry use terminology specific to that profession or trade, so the keywords you use here are actually more useful than the query terms that a general consumer might use. This allows them to find you, and have the confidence of knowing exactly which kind of electrician you might be, what kinds of heating and cooling systems you install, etc.

This is a huge time saver for both you and the peers who may be looking for you. You don’t waste time fielding queries about things you don’t do, and they don’t waste time trying to find exactly what it is they need.

We also enable you with other digital marketing tools on a dashboard that makes it all quick and simple. We give you links to your Twitter, Facebook and Linked In pages, for example, and testing options that allow you to tweak your listing until you find the right combination of terms that work best to attract new customers. That’s why is quickly becoming the leading construction industry directory in North America.

Register your business today, and start experimenting with those keywords that will bring in the new customers that you’re looking for.


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