How to Use an Online Directory to Promote Your Business in the Construction Industry

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How to Use an Online Directory to Promote Your Business in the Construction Industry

Did you know that around 20 percent of all Google searches contain the name of the local place, while 70 percent of people searching for an offline business usually look it up online? If you would like more customers and clients to find your construction business, why not list it on a good online directory specific to our industry?

In the event that you don’t like the idea or the expense of maintaining your own website, an online directory page can give you a solid online presence. Getting listed in these directories is a wonderful way to let search engines know about your existence. On top of that, these are also easy and quick to set up, and if you are lucky, you can even find some that offer their services for free or relatively inexpensive.

Get Your Construction Business Listing Right

Here are some tips on how you can use your online directory listing for promoting your business in the big world of the construction industry:

Claim your profile

Just about anyone can set up a business listing on a directory site, but it is only you alone can claim and manage it. It lets you add the right details together with some extra information.

Include your contact details

Make things easier for your potential clients and partners.  Add all potential contact details like phone number, address, website, fax, email, and others.

Add your business’s opening times

Don’t forget to include the opening times of your business on all your listings. When someone looks up for you online with the purpose of using your offline services, this is the exact information they will look for.


All online directory sites allow ratings and reviews. Let your customers know the site where you are on and request them to give you their review. Just make sure that you don’t tell them what to say, and you are not also allowed to give incentives to compensate for good reviews. However, positive feedback will give your business further credibility.

Some other things that you can add to your construction business listing in an online directory include pictures as well as discounts and special offers.

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