5 Tips To Get Your Construction Business Visible In Canada and U.S.

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5 Tips To Get Your Construction Business Visible In Canada and U.S.

There are many small and big construction businesses available in the U.S. and Canada. To survive in a market full of competitors and cut-throat competition, the only thing that will make you stand apart from the crowd is your visibility to your target audience. In spite of having a limited marketing budget, there is no need to compromise with your goals. There are lots of great, budget-smart tactics that will put your brand on the fast track visibility mode….even if you don’t have deep pockets.

Making your construction business visible will call for perseverance and patience—but it’s worth the effort.

1. Decide What You Want To Be Known For – Before working on the visibility factor decide some parameters which shall reflect your business ideology like well-managed, trust worthy, reliable, professional, good quality and good value. Your visibility attributes should highlight these factors for getting repeat customers and quality online reviews.

2. Get Yourself listed On An Online Construction Directory – It has become the easiest and most cost effective way to get your business visible. An online construction directory becomes a good platform to get recognized and reach a large number of audience. It has reduced expenses. There is a lot of scope for work as all the construction industry related resources are available in one place.

3. Choose A logo That Represents You – let your logo speak about the work you do, your business psychology, vision, mission, the ideology message. As logo is the first visible thing when a company is spoken about it needs to be powerful enough to get people to call your firm or get leads. Make your brand synonymous with your name, and happy customers will start attributing great works to your firm.

4. Customer Rewards – Unlike other businesses, reward your customers from time to time with festive offers, discounts and rebates, as it is easy to retain an old customer then to win a new one. To keep customers coming back, provide in-kind rewards rather than gifts from other vendors. This way your construction business will be more visible as compared to competitors.

5. E-mail Campaigns – Design email campaigns as way to enhance customer relationships and increase sales. The key is to e-mail as often as twice monthly, but only to an in-house list of members who have agreed to receive e-mail from you. Keep the content extremely relevant, and you’ll see response rates climb, keeping your visibility intact.

6. Local Paid Search – Register for a local paid search option in the U.S. and Canada, as people know what they want to purchase, they are just looking for the right place for purchase. Google and Yahoo!, among others, offer services for local advertisers, and Yahoo!’s Local Sponsored Search program provides a locator page that will drive traffic to your store even if you don’t have your own website. Being listed on online directories improves your chances of visibility.

7. Marriage mail – Try to reach your consumers by sending your ad or coupon in a joint mailing with other advertisers. This conjunction mailing is called “marriage mail” and is an affordable alternative to stand-alone direct mail.

8. PR And Media Relations – To keep your construction business visible indulge in DIY PR which is a low-cost alternative. Sending a release or pitch letter and then following up over phone may help consumers to register your name in their sub conscious minds. These PR initiatives will lay the ground work for ongoing relationships with your consumers and media too.

9. Word Of Mouth – To be visible requires a constant effort to be the talk of the town consistently. To reach this goal run a contest, stage an event, or assemble a group of “influencers.” And keep such activities flowing around the clock.

10. Marketing Partnerships – Pool prospects list or share advertising costs with other marketing companies. This way you can encash the marketing efforts of your partnered company that offers complimentary services to the ones offered by your business thereby enhancing your construction business visibility to a next level.

11. Storm The Internet – Set up social media to drive traffic to your site, and blog about construction to boost your company’s SEO. Your website will often be your first opportunity to make a good impression on a potential client, so invest well in it. Also, encourage your happy customers to write reviews for you.

12. Cinema Advertising – To increase visibility one must not leave any stone unturned. If you have a financial cushion then opt for cinema advertising as it is a new media to reach out to your prospective consumers.

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